Oklahoma, according to local media reports, Lei Ting star Russell - Westbrook was returned to Oklahoma City on Wednesday night , maillot de basket rose,  but sources say this trip is not for Westbrook and Lei Ting signed a contract extension.

Thunder aspects have been waiting for renewal and Westbrook, but the Westbrook attitude has always been uncertain. Westbrook won the MVP title last season, he was able to clarify the veteran renewal provisions, and Thunder signed a total six-year contract over US $ 230 million contract extension. If Westbrook agrees to renew, then it will surpass 228 million Harden contract extension of six years, has become the biggest player in the history of the NBA to have a contract.

Viagra is currently placed in front of a small three options: First, a period of time before the start of the new season, Lei Ting signed in advance,  maillot bulls rose, the second is selected next year with Lei Ting signed a contract Five years, the third is selected shot 2017-18 season, is not executed in the option of the next player of the summer to become a free agent, and the thunder or any other team signed a three-plus contract short.

This offseason, Lei Ting a Paul - George, may change Westbrook planning for the future. As we all know, George publicly stated to the media joined the Lakers in 2018. If George left the Lei Ting joined the Lakers in 2018, less prestige and perhaps also with the City of Angels with George ride. Los Angeles is home to lesser prestige, is to represent the University of Westbrook played UCLA, it was very moving for the city, maillot de basket rose,  most of the Wei offseason less time each year stayed in Los Angeles.

Thunder ready for a big deal, I expected less prestige response. But Westbrook is reluctant to give the renewed answer, it is very subtle. It seems Westbrook is still not a good decision to stay in Lei Ting, or continue to wait to make a decision next year. It seems now, meanwhile maybe see the blow this season and Paul-George prospects for cooperation next year and then decide the best choice.